Visitors insurance ins and outs

by : C.raysondeo

The visitors insurance ins and outs are something that ever customer should be aware of. The visitor insurance falls into four broad categories namely, fixed coverage plan, comprehensive coverage plan, specialty coverage plan and accidental coverage plan. The visitor medical insurance, visitor health insurance or any other visitor insurance falls under these categories.

Fixed coverage plans are also called as scheduled benefit plan. These type of plan is much cheaper than that of the comprehensive coverage plans. In fixed coverage plan you initially have to to pay a certain amount that can be on the basis of every incident, illness or policy duration. Then for every procedure such as doctor's fee of $55, ambulance service $450 etc are paid by the insurance company in a set of maximum amount after paying the deductible. But in this type of visitors insurance if the expense increase we have to pay the difference beyond that. In such type of visitors insurance there is no such way to find out exactly how many percent of the actual expense would be covered.

Comprehensive plans are more suitable and offer greater advantages. Visitor medical insurance and visitor health insurance policies pay 80% of the total amount of expenses and you pay the remaining 20%. The amount limit of these plans is $5000. After you cross this amount the policy takes care of the entire amount. Thus comprehensive visitor insurance proves to be very convenient and beneficial.

Almost all the comprehensive coverage plans are PPO plans. Many providers are contracted by the insurance company all over the country so that they directly participate in the network accept the insurance card and bill the insurance company and charge the network negotiated fees that are lower than the regular fees.

The specialty coverage plans include the basic principles of the comprehensive plans. But apart from this they also include other extra advantages and thus have an edge over comprehensive plans. Accidental insurance plans take care of expenses arising from sudden accidents or injuries. However it does not cater to any kind of disease or illness and is concerned solely with cases of accidents.

Hence the visitor medical insurance or the accidental coverage plan or the visitor health insurance are all different types of visitors insurance. Therefore, these are visitors insurance ins and outs according to the various types of insurance that are available for visitors.

You should buy any type of insurance that you want from the country you are visiting such as the USA. The health insurance card that you get has the id number, claims filing address in the US, toll-free number in the US that the doctor's office can call to verify the coverage. The doctor's office needs this kind of information to bill insurance company directly.

The effective date of the insurance plan can start the day you leave your home country or a further date that you specify. If you prefer to have your insurance plan started on the day of your departure then the insurance can cover the eligible medical expenses during the journey as well. Therefore, you don't need a travel insurance plan just for your journey.

Hence, these are the visitors insurance ins and outs that you must keep in mind before you buy any sort of visitor insurance.