7 Ways to Gear up Your Job Search Mindset

by : tjacowski

How Do You Know When You Need To Gear Up Your Job Search Mindset?

All good things in life come at a price. Bagging a good job is not exclusive to this principle. You know there is something amiss somewhere, when your job applications don't strike a chord so much as to get you interview calls. Worse is when your interviews result in we-will-let-you-know-later kind of answers.

What Is Gearing Up Your Job Search Mindset?

Universally, mindsets strangely have high inertia values which don't allow quicker progression. Misconceptions are most likely to lead you nowhere. Changing your mindset is all about breaking the myths that you might believe about anything. In short, gearing up your mindset is having the right state of mind.

Sharpening Your Mindset for A Quicker Job Search

It can't be over emphasized that job searches don't end after you land your first job. Here are some points that help you rev up your job search, even if you are searching for your next job right now.

1.Shatter The Myths: This is the foremost important thing in your endeavor for a good job. Strangely, some people simply have the wrong idea when it comes to getting a job. But the truth is that recruiters and employers are hiring even as you are waiting sulking. The second greatest myth is that your dream job can't be your first job; one needs to work his way up gradually. What you must not forget is that human abilities are boundless and there is nothing that one can't learn in her first job provided she possesses the right qualities, skill sets and frame of mind.

2.Think Differently: Being unconventional is sometimes necessary. Develop a different line of thinking which helps you to achieve goals better and faster. Be creative in presenting this quality to the interviewer.

3.Identify What You Don't Love Doing: Accepting and continuing something as fate or destiny even when you dislike it will condemn you a career of little or no progress. Identify what you like and capitalize on those qualities.

4.Interview The Interviewer: It is not enough to just answer all the interviewer's questions. There is much more that he probably wants to know about you but won't ask. These are invisible qualities such as your leadership qualities, ability to accept challenges and your team spirit. Interviewers judge you by the questions you ask, how you present yourself, and how you handle challenging questions.

5.Ask Breakaway Questions: You need to develop systematic thinking abilities. Defying-the-nature is what this is called. Challenge the normal methodology wherever you think that you may know a better way of doing things. Breakaway questions help you distinguish yourself from the masses.

6.Be Bold: Break away from lack of confidence and self-pity. Confidence emerges when you believe in your strengths and vision. Self-pity and lack of confidence hide your true potential from the interviewer.

7.Seek Wise Counsel. Talk to a counselor or someone who practices HR. Professionals identify and help solve things for you.