Get travel insurance - Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

by : Keith Mcgregor

Luckily for Mr X he was covered by his travel insuranceand is now claiming back for damaged ski equipment, rescue costs,medical expenses, the unused portion of his lift pass and isconsidering taking out a third party claim against the reckless skierwho hit him, which again his travel insurance should cover the legalexpenses to do so. This is not an isolated event and resorts inSwitzerland now have speed patrols to take action against the ‘boyracers’ and ‘speed merchants’ who endanger others by their actions.Other countries will follow suit as this trend increases.

But alarm bells should be ringing here, not just against the rise inthe accident rate on the slopes but that recent surveys still show ahigh number of people going abroad without any travel insurance at all. Whether this is just forgetfulness or a desire to live dangerously, it is shows that many people view travel insurance as an extra expense which can be added or deleted depending on the holiday budget. But with price of travel insurancepremiums, particularly on the internet, being relatively cheap – youcan find a week’s Winter Sports cover to Europe for under ?10, it doesseem to be an unnecessary risk to take. It is not necessary to paythrough the nose these days and if you are prepared to surf the netthen there some excellent deals to be had.

So to go back to Mr X for a moment. Although he has had to come toterms with having his holiday cut short, he does now have the backingof his insurance company to recover most of his costs and maybe somecompensation from his assailant. But picture the scene again if, likean increasing number of travellers these days, he had decided tooverlook travel insurance. He would be facing heftymedical and rescue bills including the potential of being repatriatedhome at own cost. So the next time you are undecided about taking out travel insurance, do remember Mr XFeature Articles, unless of course you are one of that increasing band who do want to live dangerously!