More-Vacations: A New Chance At Life

by : Mattwillis

You just climbed out of your massive credit card debt, and you know you want to improve your credit score. There are investments you are looking into, but you couldn't get into it just yet, because your FICO score is just not good enough for the companies you are looking into getting into.

Consider You don't need to look much further to find that one company willing to take a chance at helping you get back to your feet. We at designed this program with YOU in mind.

You're scared that you would be denied if you have a FICO score lower than the requirements of the company you would want to join in. Would it blow your mind if we tell you that we'd be willing to finance you, even if you have a FICO score of only 449? is the newest Travel and Vacations networking star that was born. On the 18th of August, 2008, we're opening the pre-launch phase for, and if you get on board before the 31st, we're offering plans that would allow you to invest in our company for only $498! And the first pay-out date is at September 2nd, 2008 already! We are totally into giving people 2nd chances, so if you have a FICO score of at least 449, we're willing to support you with 100% financing!

Why are we doing this? Well, we believe that people should be given the chance to start anew and even live a good life. It just takes others to take a chance on them. Come, rebuild your life, rebuild or start your investment portfolio, and help us fulfill our vision of bringing excellent investments and even obscenely low-cost travel to you and to countless others who need a second chance at life!

Are you psyched to start anew? Seriously consider now!