Why You Should Kiss Job Listings Goodbye!

by : pmegan

Job listings are another traditional job search red herring! Why? Because everybody thinks that's how you get a job.

Here's what you've been told. You look up job openings in the newspaper, online, in other publications and with agencies and recruiters. Then you apply for the job by sending your resume. And wait for the mail or the phone to ring--for someone to invite you to an interview.

When it doesn't ring, you rewrite or tweak your resume and then send it to a bunch of other job listings.

Here's what's wrong with that scenario.

First of all, advertised job listings are rarely representative of actual openings. They usually represent feelers that an organization is putting out to see what's out there.

Secondly, these listings are not posted by the person who's responsible for making the hiring decision. You will go through several screenings before you get to that person . . . assuming you even get a screening.

Thirdly, since your only form of communication is your resume, you're leaving it up to someone who's hired to do his/her best to screen you out. In other words, people who don't know you will be making decisions about whether you're qualified for a job they themselves know very little about.

And finally, when you answer a job listing, you're creating your own competition. Do you have any idea how many others are participating in this crap shoot--each one anticipating, just like you, that he/she is absolutely the best qualified for the job listing.

I think you can begin to see why following this misleading approach to the job market takes forever! Statistically, the numbers just don't work for you . . . unless you've got months to wait for your next job.

Fortunately, the alternative job search and non-traditional career advancement movement has devised some exciting ways to beat the odds. In fact, the bible of this innovative 21st Century alternative to job listings, "The World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System" can show you step-by-step how to lock up a good job in as little as two weeks. You can be meeting face-to-face with hiring decision-makers in a matter of days.

This remarkable system shows you how to bypass all the old-fashioned traditional job search methods. Those are the one we were all brought up to believe represent the only way to find a job--like depending on your resume for landing a good job.

We discovered many years ago that employers could care less what you used to do for someone else. These days, their needs and expectations require you to take a completely different approach. Why don't you discover this amazing system for yourself and learn how to find a job the right way!