Coastal Vacations Review

by : Vern How Chan

Firstly, I don't pride myself as being a super reviewer of any sort; rather I am just an avid affiliate marketer like you who is seeking out a little more information about the Coastal Vacations opportunity. You should begin to see that the bulk of this review will stem from my research via forums and other websites. Particularly from successful individuals that had good business profits in Coastal Vacations for about 5 years. Matured and experienced opinions are the best when it comes down to an effective review. Let's jump in to 5 simple facts I've discovered then finish off with a conclusion on my part, shall we?Fact #1:There's a board of directors who all vote together to make informed decisions about what goes into or out of the Coastal package. Fact #2:You absolutely are not allowed to sell those packages if you don't already own them. This simply means that, unless you have a validated (signed) director's release stating that you have completed your two training sales; actually I prefer to call them "giving up" your first 2 sales. You cannot start making some profits just by selling and not owning those packages. Beware, there's some "bad apples" in the bunch that are currently under investigation. Don't get burned by any of them. Fact #3:Coastal Vacations is not any multi level marketing opportunity at all. You will not be paid by levels. The only way that you could make money is via making a direct sale. No recruiting strategy here. So, good news is you don't make the directors who sponsored you some automatic profits. They only get some profits from the first 2 sales you make. But that's it. Fact #4:You could say that some packages seems like a good deal. If you are considering of giving the Coastal Vacations program a run with your cash, by all means take some vacation trips yourself so you can honestly get a feel of it. There is some money saving resources and certificates in the package too. Why? people are looking for someone with credibility. Get your integrity right before promoting it.Fact #5:If you are already involved in other travel businesses, then it's worth considering. Otherwise, the Coastal Vacations package I say is only meant for savvy travelers that expends more that $1295 a year. Otherwise, marketing Coastal Vacations for the new comer without any traveling passion will be like pushing a large boulder. Seriously.Conclusion:Last but not least, you have to understand this point. Coastal Vacations isn't meant for just anyone who's starting out online and wanting to make money instantly. It simply does not work that way. You have to have a deep passion on extensive travels (for the worth of the free vouchers and such)Feature Articles, plus also be willing to give up your first 2 sales in the program. *This article is the property - you may freely publish it on a website as longas it is not modified in any way. It must include the author bylines;all hyperlinks and URLs must be made or remain active.