Down To Earth Tips On Planning Your Family Vacation

by : Aj Adams

Your kids are already asking “Are wethere yet?" and you haven’t even planned out the family vacation.You want your family to have a great fun time, but you don’t wantit to leave you broke!

So where do you start? Besides havingfun, you might want to consider adding in some educationalactivities.

One place that both kids and parentsenjoy visiting is Crossroads Village which is north of Flint in thebeautiful vacation state of Michigan.

The employees there all dress up inclothing from a bygone era. It will make you feel like you have juststepped into your grandparents’ world, only better.

All the stores in the village are setup to look like old-time country stores with everything from woodentoys to delicious munchies.

The ‘residents’ of the village willtalk to you about what it was like to live in that time period. Thetoy shop has a man you can watch make wooden toys that are evenavailable to purchase.

There is so much there to see and dothat you can stay there all day and want to come back for more. Youcan go online to get more specific information about the cost andtimes that they are open to the public.

There is even a train right there thattakes families all around the area. The kids will be thrilled andlearn a lot at the same time! They will certainly not get bored andneither will you.

Right down the road from CrossroadsVillage there are wooded camp grounds with sites that willaccommodate your motor home, pop-up camperBusiness Management Articles, or your tent at areasonable rate. This is one vacation that your whole family willtalk about for years to come. They will want to return to CrossroadsVillage again and again.