Plan Self Catering Family Holidays in the UK

by : Tom Heath

There are many popular areasof Englandyielding to people looking for cost effective and flexible accommodations. Selfcatering facilities give you and your family the freedom to cook, sleep andstroll around to experience the local life whenever you feel the desire. Selfcatering holiday destinations give you a much cheaper option as opposed tohotels and bed and breakfasts. There are a variety of rural localities thatprovide self catering family holidays in the UKincluding the West Midlands, South East, North East, Yorkshire and Humber.

The West Midlands of England arecharacteriszedby open countryside landscapes providing a pleasant rustic holiday for you andyour family.The West Midlandscovers counties such as Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire,Worcestershire and Shropshire. Attractionsthat you should not miss include Warwick Castle, Stratford UponAvon, and Alton Tours. Warwick Castle lies on the banksof the River Avon and attracts many visitors per year. Birminghamis the second largest city of Englandwhich also highlights self catering family holidays.

England’s South East area is the most populated section withurban highlights in spite of its predominantly agricultural economy. There arecharming forests and woodlands in Kent,East Sussex, West Sussex, and Hampshire fortypical outdoor self catering family holidays. An alternative option would beto embark on a seaside adventure at Brightonwith its newly introduced extreme mountain boarding sport and many sights andattractions to look out for. Because there is so much to do and long durationholidays at a hotel are expensive, self catering family holidays give you thefreedom to make time to see all the sites you want.

The North East district is onScotland’sborder, a lovely destination for self catering family holidays. This section ofEngland consists of Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and the Tees Valley.The area is characterised for its stunning scenery with extensive cliffs,moors, salt marshes, and the largest man made forest in Europe. Self catering familyholidays planned in this region should not leave out the interestingvisits to the castles and ancient monasteries. Saltburn has an inclined tramwayrunning since 1884 and is know to be the oldest remaining water-balanced clifflift in England.It is a great way to catch the coastline views set in the north-east.

The Yorkshire and Humber region is set in the North East of Englandcomposed of atleast 8 counties and over 15 districts. Yorkis the oldest and most essential city of Yorkshirefull of the historical and beautiful architectural qualities a destinationshould include for interesting self catering family holidays. Most of the selfcatering cottages available in the Yorkshirearea are within walking distance of the main market square. Drop in to the YorkMinster which is the largest Gothic cathedral in Western Europe.

Whichever place you decide tovisit make sure you embark on self catering family holidays to avoid thecrowds, expensive fares and tight schedules which make vacations seem like amarathon! Take the time to relaxFind Article, take in your surroundings and indulge in selfcatering family holidays.