Traveling with Kids

by : Gail Leino

  • Ear pressure during take-off and landing can cause a lot of pain. Help your child by providing them with gum or a chewy food. 
  • Many flights no longer serve food, bring food and snacks. Ask about food serve when ordering the airline tickets. 
  • Keep the kids occupied by bringing activities such as coloring books and cards. 
  • Ask the airline attendant at the start of the flight for pillows and blankets. They run out quickly so ask right away even if you think you might not need them. 
  • Stand up and walk around periodically with the kids, even if they don't quite need to stretch yet. This is great preventative medicine to avoid a possible melt down. Because if the kids are ready for a stretch and the fasten seat belt sign is on, that could cause frustration for the kids.

Car Rental Tips:

  • Check ahead of time the rules/laws for car seats. Make sure the car rental company has the proper weight car seat. 
  • Ask the car rental company if the vehicle has child proof locks. 
  • Make sure your stroller will fit in the truck. 
  • Check the inside of the car for cup holders before leaving the rental agency. 
  • Bring water bottles in the car freezing them the night before.

Hotel Tips:

  • Arrange for a rollaway bed or crib ahead of time when making the hotel reservations. Hotels do run out. 
  • Ask about a welcome package for the kids, many higher end hotels do provide welcome gifts for the kids. 
  • Kids clubs are available at many hotels, check for hours and ages groups. 
  • Resorts tend to schedule special activities for the kids especially during the summer months, ask the concierge about this. 
  • Some hotels limit the pool hours and fitness center for kids, inquire about this prior your vacation.

Arrival Tips:

  • Have engraved gifts for friends, relatives or business associates. 
  • If you are having a party on your trip, arrange for the party supplies to be delivered to your destination. 
  • Schedule flower delivery before departing, check for local florists. 
  • Never come empty handed, bring personalized gifts!