Travel in USA - Free guide of San Francisco by Flashbooking

by : Michele De Capitani

San Francisco, California's second largest city, is located on the Pacific coast, at the extreme northern point of the San Matteo Peninsula.

Flashbooking's happy travellers can book their rooms and beds not only in cheap hotels or cheap hostel San Francisco but also consider other budget accommodations in Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses, Campsites, apartments, farm houses and much more. The San Francisco area stretches southwards along the peninsula and comprises nearly 40 hills. The city and its hills form an icredibly scenic back-drop, home to Victorian houses, suspension bridges and the famous cable-cars straining to climb the steep roads.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's most famous suspension bridge, is one of the longest in the world. The bridge, built in 1937, serves to link the city with Marin County at the mouth of the bay. It is possible to drive over the bridge by exiting at the Sausalito junction of the freeway and passing along Conzelman Road.

To see the bridge from its base, the visitor should go to Fort Point, site of the Presidio, a fortified military zone, founded in 1776 by the Spanish and occupied until 1847 by the Americans. The chapel and the officer's club still remain, as evidence of this military period. The Presidio complex is located in the elegant district of Richmond which is lined along its ocean shore by Lincoln Park.

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