Private elite jet travel

by : Rich Carter

Wide ranges of jet chartering services include advantages such as no more long lines at airports, no more security delays, complete discretion and of course, reduced flight time, as private jets are not restricted to conventional routes or commercial airports.Private jet travel allows us to connect the highlights of each?country and continent for you, in safety and comfort.In addition with most private flights an assigned expert travel consultant can arrange for restaurant reservations, hotels, vacation resorts and other entertainment events.Private flights offer the following advantages: Private jet flights do not require lengthy waits and frequent unnecessary delays at commercial airports Private jet flights do not expose you to embarrassing scrutiny at commercial airport security screening positions and wont expose you to the nuisance of nosy or noisy seat partners.Flights allow you to select your departure time and location.With private travel, you can receive background reports on the flight crew, and verify their credentials and ID before boarding.Your allowed to select the traveling companions on your flight.Select the exact services and service levels you and your party desire.With most charter services creative itineraries, exclusive on-board educational programs, and unsurpassed service and accommodations make for a one-of-a-kind travel experience.The better flights are arranged with the utmost security, safety an d can be supplemented with any additional luxury services desired, from hairdressers to masseuses, with full service catering, entertainment, limousine services to and from the airports.As commercial airlines have cut back in service and been beset by security requirements, corporations and affluent individuals have flocked to private jet services to satisfy their needs for convenient, secure and enjoyable jet travel.For those considering a private jet, it helps to enumerate the difficult-to-quantify benefits.Private jet travel is sometimes considered an indulgence, and indeed it’s a stretch to justify a flight on cost alone.A typical New York-to-Florida one-way flight costs $8,000 to $20,000 for a six-passenger jet, depending mostly on whether the plane goes home empty or not.But most private flyers cite the twin benefits of time savings and convenience as dominant in their decision-making.By understanding the advantages first-hand, you’ll be in a better position to evaluate the use of private jets on a per-trip or per-year basis.Charter Jet services offer the following advantages: Charter Jet services do not require aircraft ownership management headaches.Do not burden your budget with any aircraft maintenance expense.Allow you to select the optimal aircraft for the distance of your trip.Charter Jet services allow you to select the most comfortable aircraft for the number of passengers on your flight.You can depart from the airport most convenient to your point of origin, not from the location of your plane.All and all, if your business or personal travel involves frequent trips to destinations with smaller airports nearby; and you can make productive use of in-flight time with family or colleagues; and you have special customers or partners who could collaborate en route, then private jets deserve serious consideration.? In fact, the more of these that apply to your travel needsFree Articles, the more likely private jets represent a smart choice.?