Free Holiday Accommodation

by : Trudiesimpson

House sitting, house minding and house swapping. All terms meaning real everyday people living in each others houses instead of paying for holiday accommodation.

For free holiday accommodation you can do it a number of ways.

Quite simply when you house swap you live in someone else's house. They live in yours, you both agree on the amount of time you will swap houses for. An agreement is signed by both parties and all involved enjoy free accommodation with all facilities.

House Sitting - House sitting is where you live in a person's house for an agreed period of time while they are away. You are relied upon to maintain the house as if it was your own, doing any household jobs that need doing. Pet care, garden maintenance and forwarding mail.

House sitting arrangements can be from a week to many months. For the house sitter this can be a great way to save money and have holidays or a change of scenery at the same time. For the home owner, especially those with pets, having a house sitter not only saves money but gives peace of mind. You can save hundreds in boarding costs and a lot less stress for the animals.

Free accommodation in return for looking after home and property is a great way to travel. Some house sitters may charge a nominal fee if there are a lot of duties to maintain or a number of pets. This is always discussed beforehand. House sitting on the whole is generally a free service.

The idea of a House swap can be very appealing for a family vacation. Holiday accommodation for a family can be the most expensive part of the whole trip. The home swap offers excellent value. Homes are fully furnished with everything you could need available. There are thousands of successful home swaps happening throughout the world each year. Once you have tried it you may never have to pay for holiday accommodation ever again.