Alternative Job Success Strategy

by : pmegan

Let's face it. We live in a world of competition! Any alternative job success strategy worth its salt has to take that into account. If you're bent on success in your work, you have to be realistic about competition.

So, what's an alternative job success strategy?

Well, you already probably know that the alternative job search and non-traditional career advancement movement is dedicated to finding innovative alternative ways to accomplish career goals. These inventive strategies bypass old-fashioned ways of handling career and job search issues.

You know, like building your success case based on what you used to do for someone else. Like the way you represent yourself in a traditional resume. Handling competition on the job requires an alternative job success strategy as well.

You see, the more competitive the field you're in, the harder it is to overtake the competition and achieve your goal. The facts of life are that, once you get there, the next hurdle is holding your position and keeping the competition at bay.

To get to that special place you better be in top shape. The means being the smartest, toughest and strongest (physically and mentally). You also need to persistent, confident and truly believe in your talents--even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Depending on your earning power and level of responsibility, you're probably expected to achieve astonishing results. At the same time, you're more vulnerable and open to intense scrutiny. Your supporters are cheering you on while your competitors are watching and waiting for you to screw up.

Here's what an alternative job success strategy looks like.

If you want to be on track for superstar status, you have to be prepared to take on the biggest and riskiest projects. You also have to be prepared to fail. But if you can survive, you've put together the fundamental principles of an alternative job success strategy and a non-traditional career advancement process.

If you're not teh kind of person who doesn't want to play the job success game, then you're better off adopting a success strategy that puts you in a quiet and adequately paying job where you're barely visible and not a target for anyone who wants your job. Doing this the right way is a measure of success as well, depending on your long-term career goals.

Part of any alternative job success strategy is knowing who you are and being satisfied that you've chosen the correct career path success plan that's consistent with the kind of person you are.

So, whether you're a hard-charging competitor whose willing and able to take significant risks . . . or you're an average, committed employee who enjoys his/her job without any of the competitive worries . . . you can reassure yourself that you have a success strategy that works for you!