Coaching holidays from the UK

by : Keith Barrett

The image of a group of people travelling by coach to Great Yarmouth, Bognor Regis or Hastings is something that leaves us thinking of past generations.

It's little wonder that few of us would consider a coaching holiday if these are our expectations.

Our expectations tend to bear little relation to the reality of modern coach tours. With executive coaches, experienced tour guides and excellent accommodation, modern coaching holidays are aimed at those wanting a luxury holiday at an affordable price.

The other big difference these days is the range of destinations on offer. Departing from the UK, you have the choice to fly to your chosen destination and pick up the tour from there.

Alternatively, you might prefer to take the train through Europe and then pick up your coach at your destination. Once again, this is possible with many coach tours.

Modern coaching holidays are about comfort and flexibility. Leading tour companies have spent a lot of time and effort on ensuring that their holidays are of a high standard.

This means that every detail is considered. You should expect to find good quality accommodation throughout your trip and knowledgeable tour guides.

With all of the organisation being carried out on your behalf, a coaching holiday allows you to sit back and relax.

That's just how holidays should be. Coaching holidays have come a long way since those trips to seaside towns.