Holidays in Majorca - Featuring Calla Bona and Calla Millor

by : Wendy Palmer

Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands, a group of islands that are part of Spain and situated in the Mediterranean. Majorca's history as a popular holiday destination dates back to the 1960's when the package tour industry was born. Young and vibrant south coastThe older resorts are to be found on Majorca's south coast and tend to be the ones that attract groups of young singles looking for a vibrant nightlife. Some are particularly popular with a certain type of young British holidaymakers whose rowdy behaviour has earned them the name "Lager Louts"Scenic and sophisticated north and east coast resortsOn Majorca's beautiful north coast, things are very different. Here the resorts are generally more sophisticated, much quieter and attractive to older, more cultured holidaymakers. These resorts can provide some feeling of what Majorca was like before the days of mass tourism and still attract people who want to experienced traditional Spanish / Majorcan culture amidst beautiful, unspoilt scenery.Most of Majorca's east coast resorts will also suit the tastes of the more sophisticated tourist. Less rugged than the mountainous north, the east coast is a series of pretty coves and creeks. The bays in which many of the resorts are found are called "Calas". Some retain a little their original fishing village look but most have long since developed into purpose built vacation urbanizacions (a Spanish word meaning a group of accommodations sharing common facilities.) Cala Bona is an example of a quiet resort that has retained some of its original style, whilst neighbouring, Cala Millor is an example of the tailor-made, modern holiday village type. The bay of Cala Millor is bigger than most others and the resort's sandy beach is over six kilometre long. Many people consider this beach to be one of the best on the island and two high, headlands shelter it, keeping its waters calm and clear. This, combined with gently sloping sands makes the resort ideal for swimming, water-skiing and snorkelling. Further out in the bay, however there is usually sufficient wind to create good windsurfing conditions. Majorca's weather with tips about when to visit.Majorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot summers and warm winters but unlike many areas of mainland Spain, unpleasantly hot conditions are extremely rare occurrences. There is nearly always a breeze and even at the height of summer, a sunny day is still a most enjoyable one to experience. Majorca is however very mountainous in the north and the mountains pull in any wet weather that is around. The Balearic islands are generally wetter than mainland, Mediterranean, Spain; with late August and early June experiencing more rainy days than the resorts of the Spanish Costas. If you want to have a virtual guarantee of hot, dry weather for your holiday in Majorca, probably the best time to visit is between late June and the middle of August.Majorca holiday accommodation tips.The young person looking for lively nightlife on Majorca's south coast will probably find a hotel offering all inclusive, full or half board deals in resorts such as Arenal, Magaluf or Palma Nova, most suitable for their requirements.The resorts of the north and east coasts are far less hotel dominated and self catering accommodations in the form of apartments or villas are the most popular. For holidaymakers who like a hotel atmosphere combined with the freedom of a self catering holiday, aparthotels exist in most major resorts. Both Cala Bona and Cala Millor accommodations are advertised on many websites. Villas and apartments can be booked online and rented from private owners as well as several large holiday companies. Aparthotels can also be booked online mainly with the larger companies or their agents.Tips for Travelling to Majorca.One of the main attractions of Majorca as a holiday destination is that it is only a short flying time from the UK with many cheap flights available from practically every UK airport. The best travel tip is to use the Internet to make flight price comparisons and to book online with a budget airline such as EasyJet or RyanAir.From the USA or Canada, it is a good idea to include Majorca as part of a European vacation, perhaps flying to London, Paris, Barcelona or Rome and then taking a budget flight to Majorca to enjoy the "Sunshine, sea and Beach" part of your holiday. Look before you book.Majorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands and has something for everyone. Despite its somewhat tarnished image, caused by the distasteful excesses of mass tourism experienced in some south coast resorts, the island is still one to be much recommended as a holiday destination. To get the best out of a vacation therePsychology Articles, you need to choose your resort with care by researching travel tip websites that feature articles about Majorca before booking your accommodation.