Selling Timeshares

by : Joy Block

You need to be realistic when you set out to sell your timeshare under time pressure. It won’t be easy and the simple reason is supply from sellers often exceeds demand from buyers.

  • There are lots and lots of timeshares for sale.
    The market is swimming in timeshare resellers, while the buyers are more experienced timeshare owners looking for real bargains.
  • Forget about getting help from the developer.
    It’s not in the developer’s best interests to help you sell your timeshare. They have sunk a considerable amount of money into selling the units. While salespeople working onsite do have easy access to buyers who are interested in that specific resort or chain, their main focus may be selling new units not yours.

Selling Timeshares
Here are 7 ways to selling your timeshare.

1) Begin with realistic pricing.
Pricing is the driving force behind Timeshare resales. However, even bigger timeshares that allow some flexibility generally sell for 30%-50% less than their original price. You and your family may have really loved your vacations at your timeshare but this is quite a loss and is certainly something to consider before you purchase. If you are in a hurry you may resort to selling low. But if you can wait there are some other options.

2) Instead of selling, try swapping with credits.
Sometimes, when a timeshare is part of an entire chain of timeshare operations (and there are lots of those) you may be able to use your credits for things such as airline tickets. This may help you recover some of the financial loss you’ll experience when you sell.

3) Selling Timeshares Via a Real Estate Company
You can list on line with several agencies or you can go through a real brick and mortar company. When choosing a real estate company, do this keep these tips in mind

  • Find up what the fees will be for listing with the real estate company you choose.
  • What kind of commission do they charge?Fees and commissions tend to be higher than they would if this was a 'traditional' transaction.
  • Interview several sales agencies until you find the one that will help you the best with your particular needs. Check and see if there have been any Better Business Bureau complaints lodged against them.
  • Are they a member of ARDA (the American Resort Development Association)? They expect its members to abide by a set of ethical guidelines when selling time-shares.
  • Are you familiar with the timeshare laws.
    For example, up-front fees can be illegal in some states.
  • Are they licensed to practice real estate in the states they operate in? Get it in writing! Have each office tell you exactly how they market your timeshare.
  • And, finally, before you sign a contract, compare their fees and marketing practices with those of other agencies.

4) Selling Timeshares via Auctions
You could try auctioning your timeshare on Ebay. Research it carefully before listing. Use other postings to help you make your post the best it can be. Or you could try an exchange with another timeshare owner. This doesn’t help with the sale but it could help if you’re wanting to change times or locations while you wait to sell. If you can’t sell your timeshare right away, auctioning it off could be a good short term plan because you’ll make some money on it.

5) Selling Timeshares via Classifieds
Your time-share owners club may offer this as a service. In this way, you’ll be preaching to the converted. People who look at these classifieds are interested in what you’re selling. Or try approaching other owners (or posting a classified for this purpose). People who own timeshares before and after your dates may be looking to increase their time.

6) Selling Timeshares Through Advertising
This is especially important if you are trying to sell your timeshare yourself. Post classifieds on as many free internet group sections that you can. Most online services such as Prodigy, AOL, etc have free or lost cost advertising. 'Timeshare Adventures provides an advanced online timeshare advertising network that connects sellers with buyers by targeting audiences through Newspaper Advertisements, Search Engine Marketing, Television and Direct Mail marketing.

7) Use 'Resale Brokers
These resale brokers will charge either an up front fee and/or a commission on the sale. Remember, you are paying for the extra exposure and their services. We recommend that if you are dealing with a timeshare broker,  you do it on a commission only basis. That way they will get paid from the proceeds of the saleArticle Submission, just like every other real estate broker.

The Truth About Selling Timeshares 
Selling timeshares is possible but is not easy. Follow the suggestions above and to be patient. Also as a seller you should beware. The timeshare market is full of self-interested scam artists trying to make a quick buck. You might be desperate to sell but don’t trust anyone who promises you a quick sale.