Oh No! . . . Not another Electronic Resume Victim!

by : pmegan

OK. You're anxious to get as much exposure as possible. Nothing wrong with that. But the electronic resume and one of those job websites is definitely NOT the way to go . . . at least if you don't plan to spend weeks or months looking for a job.

I suppose we're all victims of "do it fast and easy" electronic techniques. It seems logical. The internet provides global exposure for our credentials. All we have to do is wait for one or two of those millions of internet users (many of whom are employers) to discover our resume . . . theoretically.

However, mass exposure didn't work in the days before the internet. And it doesn't work now. It's really just a question of statistics. 7% of job hunters have found "opportunities" that match their credentials. Notice, I didn't say job offers.

Job search experts know that relying on an electronic resume or a digital job search is hopeless. This doesn't mean that every so often someone hits. But you're more likely to get struck by lightning or win the lottery. There has to be a better way!

The truth is . . . there are no shortcuts!

Most folks find their next job as a result of a simple strategy called "networking." Whether you realize it or not, you probably got your last job because someone you know told you about it or sent you to someone who was in the know.

If you had access to a proven system that shows you step-by-step how to locate opportunities, attract interviews and negotiate for the best offer . . . and all without relying on a mindless dissemination of your resume . . . would you see the incredible advantage you would have.

And, if I told you, further, that this amazing job search system could have you talking face-to-face with your next boss in a matter of days, wouldn't you jump at the chance to turn your job search into a near-term winner?

The good news is that you can now use proven techniques to shorten your job search and be entertaining good job offers in as little as 14 days! Check it out!