USA Food: Yummy and Cheap

by : Vivek Kuriyal

And fortunately, you can find both costly and cheap food in USA(of course, without compromising the quality) in every corner of this country. Normally the taste and eating habit of the local inhabitants determine the food culture of a place. However, the cities and states in USA hardly compel you to compromise with your taste and eating habits—all sorts of food, be it fast food or normal ones are available here. You will find fast food corners everywhere in USA and they are really very inexpensive. People prefer to eat sandwiches in different forms like Hamburgers, roast beef, chicken, Hoagies and PoBoys. The Italian dish Pizza is the favorite of all and you can enjoy it in any corner of this country. Food restaurants serve fried chicken, Mexican Tacos, Greek Gyros, Chinese dishes, Japanese sushi, Bar-B-Que and several other regional delicacies. The convenience stores are open till late night and the deal in snacks, pastries, soft drink, hot drinks and many other edible items which can be taken in the evening breakfast. Only a few dollars (3 to 5 Dollars) on these items prove to be enough to kill your appetite. Food courts are very popular in the shopping malls. A central sitting area is surrounded by several food restaurants is the best place to relish variety of dishes. Another interesting spot for having a cheap meal is the buffet table in “All you can eat" restaurants. Spending 7 to 15 dollar is enough to have a sumptuous meal of fishes, fruits, saladsHealth Fitness Articles, vegetables and deserts.