The Best Website for Cheap Airfares

by : Whitegyr

Today, finding cheap airfare is important to almost all travelers. The best website for cheap airfares depends very much on your circumstances. There is not really one 'best' website that covers everything. Your departure location, destination, and memberships in various groups and organizations all factor in when it comes to finding the best deal. The Internet is the place to shop around for the cheapest airline tickets available.

There are some comparison-shopping websites that generally make good starting places search for cheap airfares. Good examples include,, and All three access all the different airlines and allow you to compare prices for your trip if you fly at different times and with differing numbers of stops. The best Southwest Airline Ticket Prices you'll find are on the Internet.

There are also different features available on these sites to help you locate cheap airfare. Both Expedia and Travelocity offer the ability to look at prices for flying on different dates. For example, if you wanted to fly out on November 20th and return on December 1st, these websites will allow you to compare prices for departure dates ranging from November 17th through November 23rd and return dates from November 28th through December 4th. This allows you to see the price advantages of traveling on non-peak days. Travelocity also offers you the option of comparing prices at surrounding airports; for example, if you wished to fly from Providence, RI to Denver, CO on December 1st, you could also get comparison prices from Boston, MA to Denver, CO. Sometimes an extra hour's journey by car can shave several hundred dollars off the cost of a ticket.

Orbitz and Travelocity also offer another feature; if you know you're going to want to take a weekend trip sometime in the month of December, you can simply input that information and allow them to find the least expensive dates for you to fly. After looking at the different prices on the comparison sites, it generally pays to go to the actual website of the airlines with the best fares. Sometimes you can get the same flight for less money though the airline's website since there is no fee being charged by the booking company. There may, however, be an additional booking fee charged by the airline itself; it pays to keep an eye out for this. Still, you'll get the best prices for your last minute airline ticket on the Web.

If you are a member of AAA, AARP or some professional organizations, there may be special deals and discounts available if you go through the organization's sites; these are worth checking out before you make a purchase. Some credit card companies also offer special deals or cash back, although generally the airfares are not as good as those you can get through the airlines' own sites. However, by examining all your options, you stand the best chance of finding the cheapest available airfare.