Galapagos Islands

by : Eric Castro

What makes Galapagos islands so special
Here are some expedition highlights for you to consider, and remember, they only happen at this time of the year:

Galapagos islands
December and January are some of the best transition months in Galapagos islands. The weather has changed, and the islands’ waters have warmed up, vegetation has started to become green, and wildlife is adapting to such changes. Land-depending species become quite active as their breeding starts, while that of the sea-depending species starts to slow down. Galapagos islands land birds, including Darwin's finches, have started to reproduce. Watch how their courtship and nesting happens.

The Best 4 Months in Galapagos islands
There are only four months of the year that can be called transitional months: December, January, April and May. These months are worth calling “Satisfaction guaranteed”.

Our rewarding itineraries include outstanding sites like Bartolomé, Genovesa, Santa Cruz, Española, Isabela, and Fernandina. Right here, and more so at this time of the year, snorkel next to the only tropical penguin on Earth, witness the amazing courtship of the great frigatebirds, see giant tortoises roaming the volcanic landscape of Galapagos islands, walk among blue-footed boobies, plunge next to young sea lions which are just learning to swim, and explore the shores where the most numerous colony of marine iguanas are found.

Fantastic Sea Activities
Snorkel and swim next to penguins and sea lions with no need to freeze in the water. Tropical fishes abound too. December and January's weather is quite remarkable, as most days are sunny, but not overwhelmingly hot. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. It is all picture perfect.

Marine iguanas have just developed the most colorful mix of colors for a reptile: emerald green, red and black. Best sightings happen at Española, Santa Cruz, and Fernandina Islands. Observe how males establish ownership by acting territorial to other individuals. Land iguanas on Isabela Island have developed bright yellow colors, which next to light brown and reddish blotchesFree Reprint Articles, make these reptiles the most attractive of the arid zone. Their mating season has just started

Green sea turtles show the highest curiosity of the year to snorkelers. Best locations to look for this unique behavior includes Bartolomé and Fernandina Islands.