Private Jet Honeymoon

by : Graham Fitton

Want to spoil you new bride for your honeymoon?? Whisk her away on a private jet for your honeymoon!? If really plan on spending the rest of your life with this woman then chances are you are probably already thinking about your first house and children.? I can tell you once you are on that treadmill there is no way you can afford any sort of indulgence without guilt.? I mean if you can't spoil yourself? on your honeymoon, when can you? The stress and excitement of planning a wedding, needs to quickly turn to the relaxation of the honeymoon.?

There are so many romantic destinations to choose from, you might have trouble picking one.? Once you have why spoil the experience with cattle class air travel when you can take the jet charter option and forget about the long queues and poor service.? By chartering a private jet you get to spend quality one-on-one time with your new bride in the lap of luxury.?

Seven benefi ts of hiring a private jet for your honeymoon are:

1.? You don't have to be a millionaire to do so.? It may be a significant expense, but not unaffordable.

2.? She is certain to remember her honeymoon with delight if it starts off in such style.

3.? You don't really have to travel all that far.? Just the experience will be enough to kick it off with a bang even if you only travel one state away.

4.? The flight will suit your schedule rather than building your big day around flight times.

5.? You will get some privacy on the flight so the honeymoon can begin once your in the air.

6.? Your new bride will be the envy of her friends and give her major bragging rights.

7.? Trust me this will be a major brownie point earner that you can live off for a long time.

The choices for me are pretty clear.? Luxury, privacy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a private jet, or the cattle-like herding and inconvenience that you will suffer on conventional air travel carriers.? If you asked her in a quiet moment if she would prefer to be pressed against you in a luxurious private jet, or leaned upon by a 20-stone monster with body odour in cattle-class - which one do you think she would prefer?? If you have the money to spare then to me it's a no brainer, and even if you don't you owe it to her to at least check out what the costs will be.