Youre Home at the Andalusian Inn in Palm Springs

by : Don And Kim Tatera

Nestled within walking distance from the main drag in idyllic Palm Springs and very near the San Jacinto Mountains is an upscale Spanish mission that is easy to get used to. The Andalusian Court feels like a soft chenille sweater or a pair of blue jeans that fits just right. This newly renovated luxury suite villa resort has only seven units, but, they are exquisite. Each very well decorated 700 square foot fully furnished villa has everything you could need to unwind and find yourself again. Whether it's the eclectic interior design where each piece of furniture or artwork was hand chosen by the owner of the resort, or the curvilinear fireplace in the bedroom, you know that this place is serious about aesthetics and function. The rounded arches of the rooflines draped in mission-style ceramic tile roofing further enhance the Spanish tiles that are gracefully set in the stuccoed walls between the interspersed highly decorative and colorful plates. This gorgeous Spanish revival inn draws you in and transports you back in time to another part of the globe.

Winding bougainvillea covered stamped pathways lead to secluded garden areas where a bench is placed for your contemplation and enjoyment of the surroundings. A beautiful in-ground pool and spa is the centerpiece of the courtyard where a huge gecko-adorned outdoor grill and BBQ area are set up for guests to happily use and enjoy day or night. You can soak up the desert sun lounging on a recliner or float dreamily in the pool gazing at the San Jacinto Mountains or just admiring the gracious two-story bell tower with its mission architecture.

Don't worry, there's plenty of parking up front just off the street, and the entire villa compound gives a very comforting feeling of serenity and peacefulness. How about afternoon tea and hors d'oeuvres after a hard day playing tennis or golfing? Want more of a work out? Try their on site exercise facility with, among other things, a treadmill and exercise bike and steam room. Lastly, the toasty evening fires in the numerous fire pits scattered throughout the gardens on the resort's grounds take the desert chill out of the air. They also give a primal feeling that is balanced by the daytime water elements. All in all, the overwhelming vibe at the Andalusian Court is a soothing calm that again reinforced our weekend motto: R-E-L-A-X.

Our villa had a sturdy solid rough finished wood door to greet you as you entered the gate into our private bougainvillea and ivy-covered courtyard. I kept expecting to see small lizards scurrying to and fro and climbing the white stucco covered patio walls. Oh wellPsychology Articles, no luck in spotting any lizards bigger than the one on the pool BBQ.