10 Reasons to Visit Larnaca

by : Matthew J James

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and the location where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Thanks to long warm summers and short mild winters, it is a popular destination for holiday makers. Like the rest of Cyprus, Larnaca is steeped in history, yet a modern city and a popular destination for holiday makers and those looking at property to buy in Cyprus.

Larnaca is located on the east side of Cyprus, and is the location for the main airport for the island. With a population of over 70,000 Larnaca is the second city, after the capital, Nicosia, and is also one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. The vast majority of visitors to Cyprus arrive at the airport in Larnaca and leave this city without exploring it properly.

1.With approximately 25km of beaches, several museums and archaeological sites, as well as varied nightlife, restaurants and shops, Larnaca is the ideal base to explore the rest of the island. Holiday accommodation and property in Larnaca is easy to find.

2.As well as an established destination for holiday makers, Larnaca is becoming popular for those people looking to buy property in Cyprus, either as a holiday home, a permanent home, or an investment. Property in Larnaca ranges from beachfront villas, apartments and townhouses to countryside villas with fantastic views of the pine forests. Buying a property in Larnaca, as in the rest of Cyprus, is straightforward, and recent regulations allow Cypriot banks to offer mortgages to non-Cypriots. Non-Cypriots can also rent out their property.

3.Larnaca has a rich and varied history, heavily influenced by the many years of visitors, settlers and traders, including Greeks, Turks, Egyptians, Romans, and the British. Cyprus was a British colony until independence in 1960, and traffic still drives on the left, like in the UK.

4.The rest of Cyprus is easy to get to from Larnaca, and has plenty to offer the visitor. Historical sites, and traditional food and drink, water sports, magnificent beaches, mountain skiing in winter, traditional villages and breathtaking views across the island are not very far away.

5.Cyprus is also rapidly becoming one of the world's most popular destinations for scuba diving. One of the many reasons for scuba diving in Cyprus is the opportunity to dive to the wreck of the ferry Zenobia, which sank close to the harbour in Larnaca in 1980. The wreck is close to the surface and a suitable dive for both novice and expert divers alike. For non divers, there are submarine trips to visit the wreck.

6.The established golf course at Vikla is an 18-hole course that also has a swimming pool and additional facilities. The course under construction at Tersefanou is expected to be PGA approved, and will include a five-star hotel and spa. Developers nearby are already building luxury property. In Larnaca, property prices are expected to rise with the arrival of the new golf course. Despite being relatively new to golf, Cyprus is beginning to rival Spain and Portugal for golfing holidays.

7.Larnaca has many festivals and events which take place during the year, including the Procession of St Lazarus, and the Larnaca Summer Festival which comprises of music, film and dance. Live music venues are also popular in Larnaca.

8.The Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia just outside of Larnaca was occupied from the 7th until the 4th millennium BC, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Even though only part of the settlement has so far been excavated, it is a well preserved site that can tell us about ancient civilizations. According to experts and archaeologists, inhabitants of Choirokoitia were farming crops and herding cattle, and they lived in an organised society, and protected themselves by surrounding their community with fortifications.

9.The Church of St Lazarus in Larnaca is one of the most cherished locations on the island of Cyprus. It is alleged that after he was resurrected, Lazarus lived out the rest of his life in Cyprus, and is reputedly buried under the main alter of the church.

10. Larnaca is a popular stopping point for luxury ships as they cruise the Mediterranean Sea. Over 100,000 passengers visit Larnaca and explore the island of Cyprus every year.

With many reasons for visiting Larnaca, and Cyprus, there has never been a better time to go. Why not consider a holiday home, investment property or a permanent property in Larnaca?