The Secret Strategy to Become a Career Advancement Winner!

by : pmegan

If you're serious about your career advancement . . . if you want to come out on top as a winner . . . then there's a very simple secret strategy to becoming a success. It's so simple that a lot of folks overlook it or forget about it. They prefer to take the easy way out by using old-fashioned career advancement methods that don't require any intelligence.

I'm referring to the bulk approach of posting electronic resumes on a few job websites like Or mindlessly answering lots of ads. Or indiscriminately mailing dozens of resumes. And then waiting for the phone to ring.

This is the easy way to go . . . especially if you have months and months to wait for a job offer to come along. But the only guarantee you get from this career advancement approach is disappointment and disillusionment. And even if you do wind up with a job offer, you're under pressure to accept it because there's nothing else on the horizon. In short, you settle for whatever comes along.

This is NOT serious career advancement. The secret strategy that most people avoid when trying to do it the right way is called "homework!"

That's right! Simple, basic, straightforward homework. There's no way around it if you're serious about getting ahead. You must have your ducks in a row before you go into the career advancment marketplace. Here's how:

1. Prepare a list of your strengths, capabilities and assets. This is not your work history. Rather it's an insightful review of what you bring to the table that will benefit your next employer.

2. Identify and recruit personal contacts who can advise you and who may have useful information about the kind of company your interested in. You want to turn these helpful contacts into "career partners" who are committed to working with you over the course of your campaign.

3. Research and list organizations in the geographical area of your preference that you would be interested in going to work for. Research and list the names of the hiring decision-makers you need to talk within these selected companies. These are typically the men and women who could be your next bosses.

4. Develop a compelling communication plan to position you as a highly attractive job candidate.

Armed with this homework, you're now ready to take some action steps like preparing a short assertive resume that positions you with the very specific capabilities you bring to the table. Then you can use your career partners to help you get introductions to the hiring decision-makers you've targeted . . . or at least access to insider information that can benefit your communication strategy.

Your thoroughness in preparing your career search homework will pay big dividends! It can dramatically shorten your job search campaign and put you in the enviable position of selecting your next job.