What is Polycarbonate Luggage

by : maxine greco

Zero Halliburton has reinvented travel with the new lightweight luggage designed of Polycarbonate. The Zero Halliburton aluminum business and travel cases were introduced to the world nearly 70 years ago. To this day, they continue to stand proudly as an American icon in terms of product design and brand quality. These new Polycarbonate cases are flexible and light, yet strong enough to secure your valuables and clothing against damage and rough handling by common carriers. You can feel good and you do not need to worry about rough handling when traveling by plane, boat, bus and train with this new luggage. This polycarbonate luggage is durable and dependable. Manufactured by the premier manufacturer of aluminum hard-side cases, these cases are great looking and tough. They come complete with integrated TSA locks that can be easily opened by airport security when necessary. These are the only locks allowed by TSA for air travel.

All of the cases have the classic and function-driven "double-bars" design. These are built into the exterior design of their business cases and luggage and are recognized throughout the world as pillars of strength and protection. The 19" and 21" carry on style cases have two wheels. There are also four multidirectional wheels on the 21", 24", 27" and 29" styles. This is four custom-designed wheels positioned at the corners to allow for traditional two wheel or four wheel pulling or pushing. The four wheel system allows you to walk along beside your luggage. This is extremely handy when going through a crowded area. The 27" and 29" sizes also have a removable packing suiter included. The 21" carry on size is constructed with two super-alloy wheels for easy trolley style maneuvering through busy travel terminals. All of your travel accessories will fit comfortably inside these roomy cases. All three sizes have a 2" zippered expansion for bringing home important purchases, souvenirs and more. Of course, all of your travel accessories will comfortably fit inside these roomy cases.

These " Zeroller" cases have many features. Besides the extremely durable trolley system, there are heavy-duty side and top carrying handles. The TSA locking system is an integrated part of the case. The reinforced wheels are engineered for heavy travel packing. There is state of the art super-polycarbonate dual exterior shell technology and fully lined, stain resistant interior fabric. The free wheeling system allows you to make rolling through a parking lot, the airport terminal, train station or the aisle a breeze. The laundry bag inside the case makes it easy to pack dirty clothing away from your clean items. The 9010 alloy polycarbonate shell provides lightweight, super durable enclosure with solid color all the way through. The available colors are bright, shiny black, silver and red. The shiny finish on these bags stand out on every luggage carousel. These cases can be used for corporate gifts and company logos or individual initials can be personalized on a separate leather tag.

For a limited time, there's a removable trifold suiter garment bag in the carry on. This creates individual packing options and efficiency. It also provides additional mesh pockets, as well as a tie pocket. This trifold suiter reduces wrinkles in blouses, shirts, suits, trousers and skirts. As you travel near and far with this luggage, you will enjoy standing out from the crowd carrying their discount luggage. These "Zerollers" say that you have arrived, and arrived in style. Zero Halliburton has reinvented travel protection with lightweight, flexible, polycarbonate cases to secure your valuables against damage and rough handling. The luggage is durable, dependable and extremely lightweight with a zipper closing.