Expect the Unexpected After Booking your Flights

by : Karl Bantleman

Things go wrong, it is a fact of life! But they tend to go wrong at the worst possible time. On the day you are due to travel and begin your holidays of your dreams, make sure you have double checked everything. One method many families have is "money, tickets, passport", it sounds obvious but the amount of times people forget their passports is unbelievable.

Booking ') />cheap flights is easy, but missing the check-in is as easy. Normally, with low cost airlines, check-in opens an hour or 2 and closes half and hour before departure. If you are late, they won't wait! So make sure you give yourself enough time to queue and check-in or else that amazingly cheap holiday you just found will not be happening and worse yet, they will not refund you with any of the money.

If you decide that the traditional airlines are the one for you, you will have a bit more leeway when it comes to checking in. The check in desks are normally open until the last minute and you will get called to the relevant gate should you fall asleep or forget about the time. ') />Flights with the traditional companies can be less stressful but as with the low cost carriers, give yourself plenty of time to check-in to avoid the laborious queues that you are likely to meet.

Whoever you travel with, it is a good idea to check that everything is running smoothly (or as smoothly as possible at airports). The recent crashing of the Boeing 777 at Heathrow is a prime example for this, many of the flights have been cancelled, whilst many more have been transferred to other airports. This is an example where things have gone drastically wrong at airports and the customers have paid for it. Whether you have found cheap flights to Sydney or a trip to Paris, if the runways aren't clear, you will not be travelling.