Flights - Tenerife, an Introduction

by : Liam G

Flights - Tenerife, an Introduction

Just 62 miles off the western coast of Africa, lies the unique volcanic island of Tenerife. The largest of the 7 Canary Islands, its location ensures a relatively temperate climate throughout the year, ensuring the islands outstanding beauty can be enjoyed all year round.

Prior to the Spanish Conquest during the 15th centaury, Tenerife's history was a mix of mysterious myths and ancient traditions. Following this the island was mainly used as a standing post by the Spanish for voyages to the Americas and Africa.

Even though Tenerife is one of Spain's 17 autonomous communities, they celebrate a culture far different from that of their mainland counterparts.

One of the most impressive aspects of Tenerife is the measures the Government has taken to ensure their lushes utopia remains by protecting almost half of the island. For instance, billboards and high-rise apartment block developments are now banned, thus maintaining the islands 167 miles of beautiful coastline.

The warm crystal waters of the Atlantic make Tenerife's coast a favourite amongst scuba divers, wind surfers and jet-skiers alike. For the more laid back traveller, all this coastline isn't without an abundance of pristine white beaches!

For the more culturally geared there is a wealth of ancient architecture and the locals are very welcoming when it comes to sharing their native folk music, cuisine and arts. There's also a diverse collection of museums, theatres and concert venues.

To truly experience Tenerife's culture in full swing though, ensure your flights fall during one of the islands many festivals, which bring together the Spanish, African and Latin American influences, resulting in truly unique carnivals which often spill out into all night street parties.

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