Discount International Airfare

by : Kent Pinkerton

As the war for the skies among commercial airliners is getting hotter by the day, the international airfares have taken a nosedive, with more and more discounts offered to travelers. Frequent flyers get discounts on airfare after they have accumulated a certain number of points by traveling a certain number of miles. Some airliners accept frequent flyer miles logged in by other airliners also. But generally, that only happens on routes where either one of them operate.

Another way of getting discounts on international airfares is to get to your ticket booked through a consolidator. This can be easily done online. The consolidators are able to pass on the savings they get by purchasing tickets in large numbers.

Various tour and travel agencies also offer discounted international airfares in package deals. This means that a group of international travelers going to the same destination could get a discount for buying tickets in bulk. There are travel or vacation packages where cheaper international airfares are offered.

If you are a business class traveler, check out whether the discount offered on an international flight is also applicable in your case. Often it is only the economy class which is covered by these discounted airfares. Also, there are certain airliners which offer additional discounts if you would book your ticket a few months in advance.

Discounts on international airfare differ according to the routes. Airliners do not offer heavy discounts on very busy routes. There are certain less-busy routes on which you may get a hefty discount. The rate of discounts also changes as the season changes. During peak season, the discounts are negligible, but when the peak season ends, airfares are cut down drastically by most of the airliners.