Pay Close Attention To These Details When Looking For Luggage

by : Ergo_items

Luggages are very essential for travel and for any trip vacation for that matter. If you are looking for new luggage to purchase, it is of utmost importance that you know what exactly you are looking for with the many types of luggages available in the market. Determine first what you need and then pay close attention to the little details and features.

The handle of your luggage is very important as you will be lugging or carrying around your suitcase. When it comes to a vertical type of luggage, it is essential for the handle to have some sort of locking system to prevent any damage when you check it in.

Take a look at the luggage's wheels. Many people would prefer to pull a bag with wheels which is more practical rather than carrying it heavily on your back or shoulders. You should prefer wheels that are recessed because these are less prone to damage. Large and rubberized wheels with ball bearings are smooth to handle. Wheels can either be removable or retractable. Check the wheel by gliding the luggage or suitcase both on uncarpeted and carpeted surfaces. Check its balance when you turn corners and ensure that the luggage is compatible with your height and comfortable for your hand.

When it comes to the outer shell, you will typically find three types which are the soft sided, semi soft sided and hard sided. Hard sided cases may protect its contents but then they are bulky and heavy. They are generally made of ABS plastics or polypropylene covered with fabric, leather or vinyl material. Also, hard sided luggage is usually equipped with wheels.

If you want something lightweight and expandable, soft sided luggage would make perfect carry-ons. But if you are carrying fragile materials you have to be extra careful as these types of luggages are not strong enough to resist impacts. So, you might have second thoughts at checking in soft sided language.

If you want to have the benefits of both the soft sided and the hard sided luggage, you can go for semi soft sided luggage. These basically are expandable both on the top and the bottom. They are partially framed but then are lighter than hard sided luggage. They also provide protection for its contents and are equipped with pull straps and wheels.

When it comes to the material of luggages, there are a variety of materials like vinyl, leather, molded materials and nylon. Nylon would be the strongest material for soft and semi soft sided cases. Polyester would also be good.

Hard sided cases have combination locks built into them while the soft and semi soft luggage come with key locks and padlocks that attach to the pulls of the zippers.