Ime To Make A Career Move? Stop Procrastinating!

by : pmegan

You know it's time to make a move.

Your employer is a pain. The organization sucks. Your job is boring . . . and it doesn't pay what you deserve. You know you could do much better somewhere else.

So, why aren't you outta there?

The most common reason is that it's easier to put off making a decision. Shifting focus and upsetting what we're used to contributes to our procrastination. It seems we can always find justification for putting off a decision. So we wind up staying right where we are.

The good news is there are positive steps you can take right now to break the pattern of job search procrastination.

1. Prioritize your tasks. If everything seems like a priority, you'll feel overwhelmed and get nothing done. For example, don't obsess about your resume. It won't get you employed. But the action strategies outlined in The World's Fastest Job Search System will!

2. Question your beliefs. Be prepared to dump the old-fashioned assumptions about what it takes to get employed. Explore the exciting new strategies in The World's Fastest Job Search System!

3. Control your impulsiveness. Most searchers jump from one task to another without following a carefully thought out plan of action.

4. Old habits die hard. So, you need a carefully plotted roadmap to get you moving on the path to exciting new and lucrative employment. And you need a system that will guarantee you the results you seek.

For over 20 years we've known that a systematic approach works. When you have a track to run on and you know what has to be done and in what sequence . . . well, suddenly the procrastination disappears.

And just as suddenly you find yourself propelled into the job marketplace with all your options spelled out and a clear map for achieving the very best results.