Why The African Lion Could Become A Distant Memory

by : Dean Caporella

Ready for an African lion safari? It's no secret free ranging lion populations have been on the decline in Africa. The king of the jungle has been humbled in recent years by human progress and despite it's obvious symbol of strength, the African lion has virtually been consigned to spending it's life in large conservation parks.

Is this a bad thing? Well, looking at the positives, it's a whole lot better than seeing this proud creature wiped off the face of the Earth completely!

The Lion's Demise

The african lion's numbers have been a cause for great concern in recent times in fact, there has even been talk of extinction. It's a dirty word in the world of conservation and while the lion presents as a creature of indestructible dimensions, the sad fact is, the one creature on the planet capable of wiping it out, man, has been responsible for it's dwindling numbers.

Take for example just over 100 years ago, the African lion was around in numbers south of the Sahara desert. Today, it's almost got to the stage where the only place you can see the king of the beasts in it's "natural habitat" are large conservation parks. The reason; man's yearning for progress.

An African Lion Safari Without Lions?

Strange as it may seem, the big cat may be something children in the future will learn about only in history books. Is it that serious? It sure is and it seems left to a few individuals with the foresight to recognize there is a problem.

It's understandable progress must be made in certain areas of Africa, particularly from an agricultural standpoint but at what cost? Some will argue the safety of lions has been assured through their conservation habitats and while this may be true, the free ranging lion has retreated so dramatically in numbers it's questionable whether it could even be saved from extinction in some areas.

Lion working groups can only do so much with limited funding and the task of maintaining lion groups is not an easy one. So and African lion safari without the star of the show is not as far-fetched as it may sound.

African Lion Facts

The lion is unquestionably at the top of the food chain in Africa. The fact remains, if the lion's demise becomes permanent, then the repercussions for some of Africa's ecosystems could be dramatic. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one area where the survival of the lion is imperative.

The Best Lion Safari Destinations

Despite the gloom and doom over the lion's preservation in Africa, there is little doubt an African lion safari is still the preferred choice for many would be adventurers.

When you visit your local zoo, which animal holds the biggest mystique? The big cat with the flowing mane always attracts a crowd. Botswana and Kenya are two excellent destinations to see the lion in all it's glory under the strict supervision of guided tours. South Africa's Kruger National Reserve is also a popular choice for lion lovers. And don't forget the magnificent Serengeti!