Relive your Second Childhood in Benidorm

by : Kurtschefken

When planning holidays in Benidorm and the surrounding areas then it can seem like everything is perfect. The city is located in between two separate mountain ranges which makes the climate very comfortable.

There are over 356 days of sunshine each and every year, which is after all what every tourist is interested in. The old city was funded by fishing and agriculture, however it recently revamped its image. Benidorm is now a very popular tourist destination for all types of people.

Benidorm is a particularly popular holiday destination for people from European countries, especially countries such as Germany, Scandinavians, Germany and England. It is very easy and cheap to get to the airport, and it only takes 25 minutes to get from the airport to the city centre. There are also many more car hire companies in Benidorm than there used to be. This makes travelling around Benidorm so much easier and less hassle.

Relaxing in Benidorm

The beautiful golden soft sandy beach in Benidorm is over 3km long, it also has a very attractive promenade with a lot of lovely hotels and a selection of very posh restaurants. Many of these restaurants will cater specifically for tourists, but may not speak English. You can choose to have an English breakfast if you want in one of the many cafes around the beach.

Once you've finished eating you then need some form of exercise, there are so many different options that you will be spoilt for choice! You could do some wonderful water sports, such as surfing, wind surfing, or even playing beach tennis. Any of these will help you burn off those extra calories.

If you don't enjoy exercise and don't want to do any then you could still have fun at night. There are many popular clubs to visit, one of the most popular is KU which offers pretty much everything you would want. This club offers two different types of music so that everyone can have great fun.

Penelope has indoor and outdoor sections, and is very popular for people that want a late night snack. If you've always wanted to take part in beauty contests then you should defiantly visit this club.

Remember the Past in Benidorm

Terra Mitica is a very well known theme park which is very popular in this fast growing city. This theme park is also educational, it helps to show people how the Spanish civilization started, there are a number of attractions which can keep you and your kids interested. The best part of this theme park is that the shows change every year so that there are new and interesting things to see. If you come to Benidorm on a regular basis then you will always find something new.

There are many other places along the Costa Blanca which are popular with tourists too. It's possible to travel from Benidorm to these towns if you hire a car from the airport.