5 Steps to Sales Success

by : stuboo

Sales is a demanding field, whatever your niche. With the constant threat of rejection, quotas, competition - it can all be a little overwhelming unless you have a positive mindset and certain firm rules to adhere to.

While there are countless coaching programs, books, training videos and empowerment seminars geared towards setting you up for a successful career in sales, experts tend to agree on a number of points:

Do work on staying positive. Find a method of maintaining a healthy attitude that works for you and stick with it. Choose to view each "failure" as a learning experience, and move on.

Be creative. To remain competitive in sales you need to constantly look for new ways to win customers, make more effective presentations, and remain aware of the competition. Be willing to try new ideas, but have tried and proven ones to fall back on.

Foster good relationships with your customers or clients, and request testimonials from those who have demonstrated their satisfaction with you over the long term. These customers are a valuable asset to your ongoing success and can be integral to attracting new business. Never underestimate the value of a thank you note or other expression of gratitude to loyal customers.

Be organized. It is essential that you learn to divide your time up wisely in order to cover all the basics of your business, including attracting new clients, maintaining relationships with existing ones, staying on top of developments in your field, and so on. Learn to assess how much time is required for each activity, and attempt to devote time to each when you will not be distracted by other concerns.

Conduct yourself with integrity, and resist the need to be overly aggressive. Remember, a crucial aspect of any sales endeavor is customer service. Learn to listen to your customers' needs, and learn to present yourself and your products or services in terms of how you can meet those needs. You are in the business of providing solutions; if you can't readily offer solutions, perhaps you can assist in finding ones that work. Be committed to providing excellent customer service and be rewarded with customer loyalty.

On the other hand, learn to evaluate what projects or prospective clients are worth the time invested. How likely are they to accept your business, and how much business is likely to result? Trust your instincts, and learn as you go.

Any sales technique is only as good as your comfort level with it. Find what works for you, and personalize your approach to selling in a way that feels natural. Clients appreciate honesty, and trust is an essential component of any relationship. Make your core values the center of both your personal and professional life, maintain clear goals, and enjoy the success that comes with each honest day's work.