Executive Recruiter Tip: They Dont Work For You!

by : pmegan

Changing jobs at the senior level?

We'd all like someone out there doing the hard work for us. And we'd like to believe that recruiters are there for us . . . on the lookout for job opportunities for us . . . opening doors for us . . . giving us the inside track to high-paying employment opportunities.


Executive recruiters do not work for you. They are retained by a company to find someone to fill a slot. They are paid by the company. And that's where their loyalty is.

They are matchmakers who may have an interest in you. Here are three qualifications they are looking for in a candidate.

1. You're easy to sell to their clients. You have the capabilities, strengths, assets and education that match the recruiter's specialty.

2. Your work function, geographic location and industry experience match the client's specifications.

3. You're a perfect fit for the position that's open right now.

Recruiters aren't career counselors. They're not going to take the time to write your resume. They won't teach you how to interview effectively . . . and they're not going to hold your hand during the process.

Corporations retain executive recruiter for several reasons. They expect a recruiter to be knowledgeable in certain specialties or sectors so they can provide quick access to qualified candidates. Or a corporation may have the need for absolute discretion. Sometimes the company has particular time constraints.

So here's an important executive recruiter tip follow-up:

Don't place a lot of job campaign emphasis on recruiters. They play a very limited role in your search.

The good news is there's a formidable plan that can get you guaranteed results in as little as 14 days! Spending your time and energy getting truly impressive results makes a lot more sense. What's more, it can put you in the driver's seat rather than passively waiting for some recruiter to give you a phone call.

In other word, you can turn your job search into the career adventure of a lifetime!