Adorned by mountains, fjords and Glaciers

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Norway redefines the beauty by the presence of stunning mountains, glaciers and fjords. The long sea strip and delightful summer days decorates this country with unfading beauty and splendor. Rich in historic assets and unspoiled fishing rural areas provide plenty of opportunities to spend a considerable number of days over here. The historical sites enlist Viking ships and medieval stave churches. The best time to visit Norway is between May and September. The robust character of Norway, which is unusual in Europe is achieved by the stunning western fords, enchanted forests, sunny beaches and rolling farmlands. Capital of Norway, Olso, comprises of everything that makes you glad in any corner of the city you go. Though the capital possesses a sober reputation, it stores a lot to visit and enjoy. Besides the capital, the central Norway features highest mountains, largest glaciers and dramatic fjords. Undoubtedly, it the most visited destination of the country. Plethora of national parks, museums and old churches attract a big number of travelers. Many Nobel Prize winners in the field of literature have been the inhabitants of this great land. Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Sigrid Undset and Knut Hamsun are some of them to name. Diverse cultural background also makes this country a special place to live or for vacation. You will find people dancing on their traditional folk tunes. Singing and storytelling also are part of their celebrations. It boasts of a pool of artistic talents that includes painter Edvard MunchScience Articles, composer Edvard Grieg and several others. Staying in any corner of the country is no problem at all. A number of grand hotels in Norway are always ready to give you a warm welcome. -