Tromsø: The Paris of Sweden

by : Vivek Kuriyal

Tromsø, Norway is the Paris of Sweden. It is located on an Island in Northern Norway. This lovely, lively town is blessed with surroundings of fjords and other islands in all directions. With a population of 62,000 Tromsø houses worlds famous Brewery houses, mountain cable car, university and planetarium. Great cultural activities, music and historical heritages make this city one of the most visited tourist's destinations.

The best aspect of Tromsø is its surrounding. Snow capped mountains and fjords impart an unparalleled beauty to this place. Some great architectural excellence also renders this place a historic look and feel. Northern Lights Planetarium displays some fantastic visual and special effects. The Arctic Cathedral in the city is the most famous landmark which boasts of unique architecture. Tromsø museum and Polar Museum are popular because their unique exhibits. Whereas the previous one displays things related to Lapps, the latter features artifacts related to arctic hunting and fishing. On the mountain cable car you can reach the height of 420 meters where many restaurants await you to serve delicious meal. And over all, the view is excellent. Tromsø traditional occupation like fishing, farming and Arctic goods trades still give the city a special recognition despite the advancement in terms of Hi-tech industries and administration. Inhabitants are very open and their deeply rooted lifestyle impresses everyone. Many cozy bars and restaurants enliven the streets of Tromsø. Several outdoor activities are integral part of this town. Both winter and summer offer abundance of choices to the visitors. Whale safaris, fishing, Scuba divingArticle Search, biking and swimming are some of the options you can always go for. -