Hot Job Listings for 2006!

by : pmegan

Millions will be looking for job listings in 2006. It's a big help to know where the most openings occur.


Well, if you're new to the job market . . . or this is your first job . . . of it's time for you to get serious about making a change . . . then understanding where your are likely to find job openings can help you focus.

Even if you have no direct expertise in these careers, there are opportunities for transferable skills. These are your work-related capabilities and assets that have application no matter where you work. These would include managing, accounting, factory work, warehousing, consulting, finances, sales, etc.

According to recent reports here are the six areas where you can expect to find an above average number of openings:

1. Medical Assistance. The exploding health care industry simply doesn't have enough certified talent to go around. So there are unique opportunities to break into this industry if you're able to show how you can translate your capabilities into a response to employer needs.

2. Teaching. Because of the critical shortage, if you ever had a dream about becoming a teacher at any level the are fast lane certification programs to get you into the classroom ASAP. If you fancy yourself a teacher be prepared to think outside the traditional classroom.

3. Pharmacy Work. While it takes years to get the required degree and be certified as a pharmacist, there is an amazing array of technical support jobs that require only a minimum of technical training.

4. Retail Sales. The holiday season is a terrific time to break into retail sales on a part-time basis. Many of these jobs are converted into full-time after the holidays. Moreover, because the turnover is high, employers are offering flextime schedules and huge employee discounts, especially if your friendly and like being helpful to customers.

5. Consulting. Opportunities for corporate consulting are especially good in cost control and information technology. Local government and non-profits are using significantly more consultants to cut payroll costs.

6. Self-employment. If you like to be in control of your time and income, maybe this is the time to consider an entrepreneurial venture. But if you're not quite ready for your own business you can achieve a similar independence by working for a temp agency.

This is an incredibly good time to be in the job marketplace if you focus your attention on employment areas where you have a much better chance of landing a job.