The Colorful Tuscans and Their Beloved Tuscany…

by : Serenella Leoni

The Tuscan people and lifestyle gently and joyously embrace each visitor and leave a permanent imprint on the heart.??

Thousands of years of civilization and a long history of resurrections has left the wise and weathered Tuscans with a balanced, joyous approach to life:? One has only to observe and be aware… the old person whose squinting, time-worn eyes twinkle as he chuckles and squeezes the cheeks of his impeccably swathed, gurgling grandchild nestled in a beautifully-crafted baby carriage; the expressive women singing melodiously in their courtyards or at their windows as they hang out their wash creating a brightly-colored, patchwork of designs that decorate the buildings and add cheer to the scenery; the vendors laying out their merchandise – from copperware to vegetables – to expose the “best face" of their offerings; the bakers arranging their deliciously aromatic loaves of freshly-baked? breads with great care; the proud, protective mothers that mingle and hover over their children as they gleefully play together in any given piazza; the passionate lovers – seemingly everywhere – who kiss in the middle of the street, under balconies, down the alleyways,? in front of stores and while shopping for groceries; the rosy-cheeked, zealous joggers, cyclists and exercisers- some stopping to light a cigarette at the end of their routine –getting ready to live another day; a typical Tuscan day replete with a succession of small, significant sensations that will turn into lasting, cherished memories.

At any time on any given day, you might engage in a conversation with a Tuscan and inquire about their life.? You will need hours to spare as Tuscans love to talk and share!?

Listen carefully and you will realize that Tuscans of today still embrace life in their own unique way, surrounding themselves with beauty, being true to who they are and living life with passion.? Their existence blends with the region’s intrinsic sense of harmonious balance. Art, nature, language, products, landscape and history blend and form a rare quality of life, which is the most precious commodity.? Among them, it is possible for an individual to reach a greater sense of well-being, a deeper level of existence.

The term “Super Tuscans" should extend to more than wine.? The vibrant people of Tuscany, their innate creativity, their perseverance, their spirit and their passion for living are captivating.? Some are famous and the realization of their dreams is shared with many: Andrea Bocelli’s singing, Roberto Benigni’s and Franco Zeffirelli’s films, the Pucci and Gucci family’s fashions, the Pratesi family’s luxurious linens, Lorenza De’Medici’s cookbooks; these are among the most well-known.? But there are many stories, moving in their simplicity and wisdom, about the dreams and lives of every day Tuscans that epitomize the essence of their region. These accounts about typical, contemporary Tuscans exemplify the beauty and gratification of life lived Alla Toscana (in the Tuscan manner).

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