Repatriation - Does it Really Cost an Arm and Leg!

by : Keith McGregor

Sorry to lose you but the latest air ambulance and repatriation costs are a timely reminder on why it is essential to have the correct insurance when on holiday.ï?? Repatriation is generally covered in the medical cover section on these policies but it is important to check the small print very carefully to see if any exclusions apply.
For example, average repatriation costs to the UK are:

  • ï??30000 to ï??35000 Air Ambulance from the East Coast of USA.

  • ï??12000 to ï??16000 Air Ambulance from the Canaries.

  • ï??10000 to ï??12000 Air Ambulance from the Balearics.

  • ï??1,200 to ï??3000 Air taxi from Northern France.

  • ï??15000 to ï??20000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and Doctor escort from Australia.

  • ï??9000 to ï??12000 Scheduled flight with nurse escort from West coast of USA.

  • ï??1800 to ï??4000 Scheduled flight with Doctor escort from the Med.

  • ï??100 to ï??800 Scheduled flight without an escort from the Med.

  • ï??3000 to ï??6000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and Doctor escort from the Med.

So to return to the point of this article, repatriation is costly and at a time when the number one priority is to get home, you do not want to be sat in a far flung destination wondering why you didn’t get the cover before you left.ï?? What is more, when you take out a policy that has the benefit of a 24-hour emergency service, serious accidents or illnesses will all be managed by the assistance company who will make any necessary arrangements, such as repatriation, and provide help and advice at a time when it is most needed.
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