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Planning any conference requires a lot of hard work. A suitable venue has to be selected, necessary equipment has to be rented and accommodation has to be arranged for delegates. All of this is in addition to the work that is required for the content of the conference, which is what makes the event meaningful for the delegates. Not everyone has the time, energy or experience to do this, and it is best to call in professionals to do the job well. Jigsaw Conferences is the perfect solution to your problem, and at no cost to you.

Jigsaw Conferences is a free venue finding service based in the UK. Whatever the occasion and the size of the event, Jigsaw Conferences has the experience and the manpower to undertake its organisation. We will locate the appropriate venue for the meeting or conference and negotiate the best price for you. We will ensure that all the equipment you require is available and also book convenient hotel rooms for your delegates at discounted rates.

Our offices are located in Stamford, Lincolnshire, but our services are available anywhere in the world. Many venues for conferences do not have in-house accommodation for the delegates; hence we have made arrangements with conveniently located hotels near such venues. We negotiate for discounted room rates with a range of different hotels for group bookings and for individuals. The delegates do not have to pay us, as we get a fee from the hotels.

We have organised conferences at major venues everywhere and have looked after all the needs of the delegates, including suitable accommodation near the conference venue at discounted rates. We have room rate cards of hotels of varying budgets near major venues. The rate cards give the website details of the hotel and the list of amenities and room rates available. We can help the delegates choose the best hotel within their budgets. The best part is that delegates do not have to pay us anything for this service.

Our role as a free venue finding service is well appreciated by smaller firms who do not have adequate staff to do the additional work involved, and also by those organising a conference for the first time. Our team has the experience to make every conference a grand success. Not only can we find a number of suitable locations from which the conference organisers can choose, we make sure that all of the necessary conference equipment such as LCD, Internet facilities, flip charts, etc are available at the venue and are working properly. We have a list of conference equipment rental firms and can help the organisers get the best value for their money.

If you as the organiser are dissatisfied with our list of venues, we can continue the search until you are satisfied. We will make appointments for you to meet the key personnel of the venue and even accompany you there if you wish. You will also receive brochures directly from the venues. Thus you will have all the details you need first hand without having to do a lot of the leg work. We can do all the leg work your conference needs. The organisers can thus focus on the content of the meeting while Jigsaw Conferences makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

Our dedicated booking team has negotiated room rates at hotels near major venues that lack any residential facility for the delegates. We can offer rooms at discounted rates at a range of hotels anywhere in the world. Even if you do not want group booking for all the delegates, we can book for a lesser number of people at special rates. Many venues and important events that we are associated with recommend our free booking service to delegates. They can take advantage of our fast, efficient and free service and save money too.

We have a loyal client base that contacts us every time they want to organise any meeting or event. So satisfied have they been with our services that they rely on us to find venues, arrange all the facilities they need there, and book hotel rooms for their delegates at special discounted rates. They recommend our free services to others too. We are pleased to say that we have with us glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients. Their pleasure brings us satisfaction and is our inspiration to perform better.

Log on to our website to learn more about Jigsaw Conferences. Your delegates or you can get in touch with us through it and give us details of your requirements. The website can be translated into a number of foreign languages for the benefit of your international delegates. The delegates just have to click on the flag of their nation to read our details on our website in their native language.