The Necessary Umbrella

by : maxine greco

When listening to the weather report each morning, it always seems like they say "chance of rain." What that means exactly, is you need to carry an umbrella "just in case." When there's a chance of rain, the easiest way to carry that umbrella is one of the newer folding models. They are now so lightweight and easy to pack inside your briefcase or handbag, you won't mind taking one along. Discount luggage will also have an outside pocket perfect for stowing away a small, travel umbrella. Shedrain makes one of the lightest, ultra-flat designed umbrellas. It opens to a 42" arc with the push of button. It also closes by the same push-button. The aluminum and steel shaft with aluminum and fiberglass ribs is what makes this umbrella super-light. Of course, it's available in bright colors as well as the customary black. At eleven inches long, you have no excuse to be caught in the rain without an umbrella! This umbrella is especially handy when attending formal or semi-formal functions. It can fit in a small bag or the pocket of a raincoat and can easily save the day from being ruined.

Totes make another great folding umbrella. They have these super small folding umbrellas in push button open and closing and others in manual styles. The manual is the lighter of the two. These are available in so many colors and prints you'll find it hard to make a choice of just one. This is a handy umbrella to travel with because of the selection of colors. It will be the most popular of your travel accessories. The prints change with each season, keeping you from ever getting bored when it's rainy and gloomy outside. For golfers, they also have a super-sized umbrella. It will also work when walking in twos, or with children. The umbrella opens to a huge 55" arc. It also has the convenient push button opening and closing. This is especially convenient when getting in or out of automobiles or trains. No need for you to get wet which trying to push the umbrella open or closed. The button does it all in a matter of seconds.

When the weather has turned to a storm with serious rain and wind, you'll want the Gustbuster umbrella. This umbrella is made with a double canopy to be completely windproof in winds up to 55 miles per hour. The umbrella will not turn inside out or invert during these harsh conditions. It's also the perfect umbrella when you're traveling into severe stormy areas. This umbrella is the most popular for corporate gifts. The company name and/or logo can be easily silk-screened on the canopy. Everyone appreciates the gift of a strong, practical umbrella. This umbrella also has a limited lifetime warranty to registered users of the Gustbuster umbrella.

It didn't take long for the famous painters to get in on the design of umbrellas. You can see Monet and Renoir's famous paintings on the canopy of folding or stick umbrellas. These are outstanding on a rainy day, brightening the day immediately. The folding umbrellas are small enough to tuck into the pocket of your lightweight luggage. Stick umbrellas are still the umbrella of choice to keep in the trunk of a car. You have it at the ready for light or heavy rainstorms. Most models are push button for ease in use. Gustbuster also makes a stick model that will not turn inside out during the harsh wind conditions. Keep all of these choices in mind, and stay dry!