Retiring In Javea Haven

by : Anna Stenning

My father was one of the lucky few people in our town to have retired at the age of 50. Having spent nearly 40 years of his life working in restaurants and running his own business, he seized his opportune moment to retire. However, this retirement is nothing more than just sitting at home and the occasional jetting out of the country every 6 months, I could not help but notice the trend in leaving the homeland and buying a property abroad. Some have invested in properties abroad, with Javea property prices being more affordable in Europe.

Javea based in the province of Alicante, Spain by the Mediterranean Sea, have become a popular place for retired, northern European expatriates to buy a property since the 1970s. With good road connections into Alicante and Valencia, added with a strong property industry, it is the ideal place for retirement settlers to buy a perfect Javea property.

What makes Javea an ideal retirement settlement? Though is thriving with tourists every year, much of its infrastructure have seen continuous improvement but has also largely retained its traditional character. Many new estates have been built upon the wooded hills around the bay and many of the apartment complexes are built along the coast. Much of the groves have been left untouched and continue to grow oranges along them. Therefore, there is an increased amount of Javea property available for purchase.

Javea is split into three different areas - the old town, the port and the Arenal. The port is the most popular of all areas with tourists especially. Historically the port was a thriving raisin trader, which fell through in the early 1900s. Now the port is in use mainly as a fishing harbour. The old town is popular for its historical attractions such as the Museum, market and art gallery. A wall barrier to protect the inhabitants from marauding pirates once enclosed the town; much of this can still be seen in some parts of the old town.

The Arenal part of Javea consists of a very wide arc of white sandy beach surrounded by an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants. Many of the bars offer tourists a good range of entertainment including live music. The summer months are the times in which stalls selling handmade crafts are offered for those looking for local souvenirs and quirky gifts.

As well as containing plenty of historical sites, Javea also offers a wide range of sports activities and hobby activities such as fishing, cycling, mountain biking, photography, bowls, trekking, sailing and many more. With such diverse activities available to people of all ages, it is no wonder why many of the British people are retreating to Javea either as a short holiday break or as a long-term retirement location.