Transform your Truck Into a Campsite With a Truck Tent

by : Mike Rosania

Do you enjoy the outdoors, but aren't as earthy crunchy as you used to be? Did your girlfriend kick you out for the night? Whatever the case, turn your vehicle into comfortable sleeping quarters with a truck tent.

When I first heard about truck tents I remember thinking, "What a great idea!" Too bad I don't have a truck. Luckily, there are tents built for every type of vehicle. Now you don't need a camper to go camping.

Truck tents are made specifically for pick up trucks. But how can a tent accommodate both an F350 and a Ranger? The tents come in different sizes so they are custom designed for each truck. These tents sit in the actual truck bed. I found that the biggest advantage of these tents is you don't have to deal with dirt, sand, and other elements getting in your tent.

There aren't any doormats to wipe your feet on when you're camping. I can't stand tracking dirt into my house and I certainly don't want mud in my sleeping bag. My girlfriend isn't a fan of dirty living areas either. So if you're trying to convince a chick to go camping, this may be your winning argument.

Ever been camping, enjoying a picturesque day, when all of a sudden those evil unexpected rain clouds roll in? No need to worry with a truck tent. With your bed elevated, you won't wake up in a puddle and won't get your tent dirty. I love the outdoors, but even I hate dealing with muddy gear.

They also make tents that work with your SUV or Minivan. In my opinion, these aren't as beneficial as the truck tents. SUV tents sit on the ground like a regular tent. Although they provide less protection from nature, they allow you to access and utilize your vehicle's interior with out leaving the tent.

Nowadays, every vehicle comes with a great sound system. Some are even equipped with DVD players and video game systems. Minivan tents sit behind the vehicle and attach to your open trunk area, fusing the tent space with your vehicle's interior, which can then serve as a bedroom or an extra cargo area. Unexpected rain doesn't have to ruin your day. Pop in a CD and enjoy quality tunes while you stay dry.

They even make tents for hatchbacks! With recent popularity of such cars as the Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, and the Mazda 3 hatchbacks have really made a comeback. I don't know how long it will last, but at least companies are including them in their accessory design. These tents work along the same lines as the SUV tent, converting your vehicles cargo area into a massive storage space or an exclusive sleeping area.

Heck, you can even hunt from a truck tent. One company makes a camouflage tent so you can discreetly blend into the surrounding environment. Wow. You don't even need to leave you car to go hunting now. What will they think of next?

Overall, I think truck tents are a good product. If you have ever been to a K.O.A campground, you know it camping isn't as exciting as you once thought. I don't consider having a pool, game room, and another camper ten feet away camping. You will encounter lot of people are just looking to get away to the "outdoors" for a weekend.