A House, a Woman, a Car and a Trailer Hitch!

by : Tim Saunier

Everyone knows this problem: You want to spend your holidays with your whole family in the mountains, but there is no space to stow your toys. And it is fact, a man needs his toys. So what to do? I could leave my son home, but he loves the snow and I love fishing with him at the lake. I could leave my little daughter at home, but she cleans up all rooms so carefully. So there is just one possibility. I could spend the holiday without my wife Mary. To be honest, there are no reasons why I should bring my wife. She doesn't fish, she doesn't clean up the house, and she doesn't cook good food. There is just one disadvantage, my mother-in-law. She would kill me if I hurt her little daughter.

So I have to find another way to solve this tricky problem. And here it is. Of a friend of mine I heard that there are small devices called trailer hitches, which are perfect for towing my toys. Beside that Trailer Hitches are made for easy bolt-on installation. Of course, I am a real man and know how to install each kind of technical stuff, but it is good to know that my little son can install it too.

And there are so many other benefits you will get by the trailer hitch. I can tow all my toys along wherever I roam with a Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch. From snowmobiles to ATV's, the trailer hitch allows me to bring them all. I think this vacation trip will be great. I have all I need. Plus my woman! I only have to buy a trailer hitch. I think I will buy via Internet that is the easiest way.