3 Ways To Save Money With Your Direct Mail

by : visionofsuccess

One of the best ways to market your business continues to be using direct mail. There's just something about receiving a postcard or letter in the mail that motivates people to take action.

Yet times are changing. Even though direct mail continues to have a stable growth rate, how you use direct mail may depend on whom your target market is.

A recent study showed that while almost 90 percent of the senior population does their decision-making research offline, nearly 40 percent of Gen Xers do research online and purchase offline.

As more people turn to the Internet for research, using your website in more creative ways will ultimately help you create more sales.

1. Use postcards to announce website promotions. The purpose of a postcard is to capture attention fast, and motivate the reader to take action. Asking your reader to go to a website for a special promotion will motivate them to hang onto the postcard, and visit your website the next time they are online. You can offer anything from a percentage off of a first online purchase, to special products found only online.

2. Offer website exclusives in your letters. The next time you print a letter to send to a prospect or client, give them a reason to head to your website. Offer a free report, or give them a special link to view something that they can't find in your store or office. Make sure it has value, and will help them in their personal or professional life.

3. Ask people in your direct mail to sign up for your online newsletter. When you have a clients mailing information, it costs you money every time you send a promotion. But when you have an email address, you can market to that client again and again using various email strategies. Having an email address is an important business strategy in today's marketplace; and its also one you need to handle wisely.

When you are printing your postcards or letter to send to your clients and prospects, include a special note that asks them to visit your website and sign up for your online newsletter. There are a variety of ways to do this. The best way is to give them something of value for signing up: a discount coupon, a free gift, or a complementary report. Make sure it has perceived value to your customer, and its something they will be motivated to sign up for. Once you have an email address, you have the ability to send emails to that customer on a regular basis.

Remember, direct mail is still an important part of any campaign. But creating special offers within your direct mail will allow your prospects and customers to visit your website, and have contact with you in more than one way. And grow your sales to new levels.