Hypermiler Fact and Fiction

by : Joan Masterson

The word Hypermiler has been popping up in many a conversation since the price hike in gas. Some people are infuriated by the tactics of some hypermilers, while others are intrigued as to what on earth hypermilers are. In this article we will explore what Hypermilers are and some of the fact and fiction that has been popping up around it since the phrase has been coined.

What are Hypermilers?

Hypermilers are people who do whatever they can to maximize their gas mileage. The term Hypermilers
originated from hybrid driving clubs which were started after the first hybrid cars were manufactured and sold. The people driving these cars noticed that with certain driving techniques, they could great increase the mileage they got on a tank of gas. By refining these driving techniques these drivers greatly exceeded the EPA rating for their cars.

Fact or Fiction?

1. When to fill up the car

There is a school of thought that you should fill up your car in the early morning when it is still cold. Reason being that the gas stations keep their gas underground at a certain temperature which is cooler than on the surface. Gas expands when it warms up. So, filling up your car in the morning means that you will get cold gas into your cold tank which means that you will get more gas than when it is warm.

A silly notion or true? True! And in some countries the gas stations have been passing discounts to their consumers due to the fact that they get less gas at certain times of the year. It is called "temperature compensation".

2. Putting magnets in and around your tank will increase your gas mileage

These magnets are mostly sold online at auction websites and they claim to increase your gas mileage by 100%, give your vehicle increased horsepower, increased throttle responses, smoother shifting of gears, greater acceleration.

Sounds to good to be true? It is! It is advisable to be wary of any manufacturer that claims that their device can significantly or even noticeably improve gas mileage, especially without adversely affecting a vehicle's emissions to the point where the vehicle may not be in compliance with the law.

3. Hypermiling can increase your gas mileage

Hypermilers claim that using certain driving and car maintenance techniques, you can shave hundreds of dollars off the cost of your vehicle expenses.

True. Using sensible driving techniques that do not go to the extreme, you can greatly increase the mileage you get on a tank of gas.

4. Using Acetone

Rumour has it that by adding just a few ounces of acetone per ten gallons of gas will have you get more mileage out of your tank.

Strange but true! Acetone helps gas to fully vaporise, which means less wasted fuel. Fuel that was previusly wasted past the rings or sent out via the exhaust, when mixed with acetone it gets burned, and the engine does not notice that it is not running on straigh gas!