How Any Website Can Get Listed In Google In Under A Day

by : karinmanning

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually get listed in Google in a day or less. Many small business owners assume that it's virtually impossible to get into Google without waiting the 8 or so weeks that it can normally take but there is good news for small business owners who are looking for affordable and economical ways to get high search engine rankings.

Before I give you more details about that I am just going to take a moment to focus upon what you should not do when trying to get indexed quickly by Google in particular and that is, in particulary, not to add your url manually by using the Google website submission form. The reason for this is by doing it manually you could be waiting for around 2 months or more to even appear anywhere on Google. I don't know about you but if you are after fast search engine results and are wanting to get noticed among the many millions of other websites on the internet you need to work a bit smarter, not harder. Search engine optimization consultants also recommend that you not use the manual website submission forms for any of the top search engines.

So no doubt you are wondering how you can get your website indexed in under a day without using the manual website submission form on Google. Let's say that my website related to home made dog treats. I would first go to Google and type in dog treats. Then I would take some time to analyse every website and look at what the page rank is for each website that has top rankings for that keyword phrase. Page Rank is what Google in particular uses in deciding how popular your website is. It is based on how many other websites on the internet link back to your site and how high the page rank of those sites is. If you have lots of high quality, high page rank backlinks to your site then Google stands up and takes notice and rewards you accordingly with a high page rank.

Generally, the more backlinks you have to your website the higher your page rank will be. The lowest page rank you can have is 0. Anything over 5 is considered pretty good by Google. In order to view the page rank of sites on Google simply download the Google toolbar which is free.

Getting back to my example about dog treats. Now that you have installed the Google toolbar you need to find websites on Google with a page rank of 5 ideally (PR5) or higher. Once you have spent the time locating such websites look at the very bottom of their home page to ee if they have a links page of some sort. If they do send them an email asking for a link exchange. If you do this correctly they may say yes. If they say no then move on and try someone else. Remember the higher your own page rank the more likely other websites will link to you. Worse comes to worse though, if you keep getting rejected you may have to offer to buy a text link advertisement for a fee for a backlink from a high PR website.

If you can locate a PR5 website that will link back to you you will be listed in Google in less than 3 days. If you get a PR6 website to link back to you you will be listed in Google in under 24 hours.

However, don't be surprised if high page link partners say no because more often than not they will check what your page rank is for your own website and if you are just starting out it is going to be 0 and that will be of no direct benefit to other websites, or so they think.

Of course, if you own another website or websites or blogs that have a PR5 or PR6 then simply link back to your new website from their home page. You only need to leave a link to your new website for a few days and then it should be indexed.

Another method for getting high page rank websites linking back to you is by actually purchasing a link on their website for a month. You will have to pay a fee and it could be as high as $150, however I just purchased one myself for $60, however if you are after an immediate listing and it is worth it to you, and ultimately of course much cheaper than an Adwords campaign, then it's really as simple as that to get
indexed by Google in a day or less.

Once you are listed in Google you can start to focus on other search engine optimization techniques that will help you outrank your competitors and dominate the search engines.

Good luck!