How To Pick An Auto Repair Garage

by : Joe Kent

One of the best ways to find a trusted service location is to justask around. Family, friends, and neighbors may have mechanics or servicecenters that they go to repeatedly. You could also consult the to look into any possible complaints from the service shop you’reconsidering.

If you have the time, making a visit to an auto repair shopcan tell you many things about the quality of the shop. Things to note arecleanliness, how organized the shop is, and what condition the equipmentappears to be in. Certification of the mechanic(s) should also be noted, suchas the certification.

You may also want to inquire about any customer servicesthat the shop may provide. These services include loaner cars or courtesyshuttles that will transfer you between work and the auto shop. For those looking to service their Ford vehicle at a , for example, customers have the option of both a vehicle rental or taking a shuttle. In addition, dealers recommend that if a driver's vehicleis under warranty they’ll also want to determine whether the serviceshop they visit is authorized to perform warranty-covered repairs. Inmany cases, dealerservice centers will mostly likely be your best choice if you vehicleis stillcovered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance, stresses, is a good way to establish a rapport with a service shop,while also preventing more cost repairs later on. This way, if you thenneed a more serious repair, you’llalready have an established relationship with the mechanic and the shop.

When looking at different shops, do a comparison of commonrepairs and services, such as brake services or other common repairs to seewhich shop or dealer will offer the most competitive prices. Prices on thesegeneral repairs can vary significantly, so knowing what a variety of places charge canhelp you save a significant amount of money.