How To Start Your Own Dog Training Business

by : bizavings

Many people are giving up the 9 to 5 jobs to start home-based businesses. Certain hobbies and interests can be turned into a profession, if pursued diligently. A good golfer, who has learnt the practical way of bettering his score, can start a website on golf or create a video training course to teach amd share information for a living. Similarly an animal lover can turn their passion into business for training dogs.

Training a Dog
Not long ago dogs were broken in or trained in a very cruel manner by sheer use of fear. They were whipped, starved, shot with buckshot or hurt with a spiked collar. These cruel methods denoted lack of understanding of dog psychology and the ability of the trainers. Mercifully, this practice has been done away with. Now there are better ways to train the dogs.

The first step is to teach the dogs to open their mouth to slip in the object. Hold the dog collar in one hand and press the drawn lip against the dog's teeth with the other hand. This pressure opens the dog's mouth. Quickly insert some strong smelling, soft object in it. At once, the dog will drop it. Rap him smartly with your palm under his jaw, commanding the dog to fetch all the time. After a few days, on being commanded to fetch the dog will pick the object on its own. Let it hold the object until it learns to open its mouth and to drop it, on response to the command of drop. Press the loose part of its lip against its teeth to open its mouth.

Next, the dog should learn to walk with an object in its mouth. Put on a collar, insert an object in its mouth and start walking with it. If it drops the object while walking, press its ear and command it to fetch to cause it to pick the object up. Reinforce this constantly until the dog is trained.

Picking Up An Object From The Ground
Place the object in front of the dog, slightly above the level of its head, so that it can seize the object in one or two steps on hearing the command to fetch. Gradually lower the article till the dog picks it up from the ground and keep on increasing the distance too. This will teach it to pick the object dropt in front of it.

Bringing Back The Tossed Object
Initially toss the object at a distance and walk with the dog the entire distance back and forth, applying pressure to ear to pick it up and walk back. It must hold the object and drop only on the command to give.

Holding objects softly in the Mouth
A dog with s hard mouth holds the object tightly and leaves bite marks. Put some small nails on the object. Dogs dislike the touch of metal on their teeth. This will teach it soft mouthing on usual articles as well.

With some time, patience, and lots of love from the trainer, the dog gradually learns many commands. Be firm and persistent while teaching. Most important, pet and praise it when it accomplishes a task.