Winter Bike Riding -- The Safe Way

by : Kay Zetkin

Winter is really a terrible season for motorcycle enthusiasts. Determined as you are to go on riding, surviving the harsh winters should be kept in mind to prevent any inevitable danger that would cause trauma for you and your beloved motorcycle. Remember that winter riding is not the time to boast of a great stamina and show off your toughness just by wearing extra clothing and driving roughshod over your bike like it’s any hot summer day. Precautions must always be taken if you plan to go out riding during winter. So how do you go about preparing your motorcycle and yourself?

For your motorcycle:

  • You need to get a windshield. Don’t ever think that twenty degree temperatures with severe wind chill factors are enjoyable enough for you to neglect having a windshield.
  • Make sure your motorcycle batter could stand the strain of chilly blasts. Keep it charged and you can try to use Battery Tender for this.
  • Using the proper oil for your motorcycle is also top priority. The 10w – 40w oil is sufficient enough.
  • For those with liquid-cooled bikes, make sure that the reading on the anti-freeze is sufficient for the temperatures you’ll be expecting.
  • Make sure your bike has been thoroughly inspected for any mechanical problems before starting your ride.

For yourself:

  • Be patient of the use of your protective gears that would restrict your overall movement while riding. Like wearing full-faced helmets and heavy clothing that would prevent free and easy movement.
  • Keep yourself posted over weather forecasts and road condition reports over the route you'll be taking. It is a good measure especially for those who will ride a long way from home.
  • Cover up your body and eliminate all the places where the cold air can easily enter. Some winter riders wear heavy clothing and use duct tape to seal up openings. But modern fabrics designed to seal out the cold and retain body heat can be more preferable. There’s winter clothing made specifically for motorcyclists. You can even use ski pants.
  • Electric vests and electric gloves can also be preferable. These electric gadgets are interconnected with wires that also connect to a thermostat that can be kept in your pocket. One end of the thermostat goes to a dedicated connector that leads to the battery. You’ll find yourself fleecy warm in these gadgets to it has a bulkiness to it.

Your winter riding can be a great adventure. Just make sure that while you’re having fun, you and your motorcycle are also safe and sound. -30-

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